Between question correlations

53. Do you notice small sounds that others don't, and feel pained by loud or irritating noise? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
54. Do you have problems distinguishing voices from background noise, or from other voices? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
56. Do you feel uncomfortable in fluorescent light? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
57. Do you have a very acute sense of smell and/or taste? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
58. Do you feel strongly attracted to, or appalled by, certain tastes, smells, sounds, colours, shapes, textures or materials? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
62. Do you dislike being touched - especially without prior warning, by the "wrong" person or at the "wrong" time? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
65. Are you easily overexcited, stressed and overwhelmed by things like noise, crowds, clutter, patterns, flicker and movement? (Aspie-score correlation: .70)
66. Do you get exceedingly tired after socializing, and need to regenerate alone? (Aspie-score correlation: .69)
46. Do you have difficulties judging distances, height, depth or speed? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
101. Do you have an unusual sensitivity to pain? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
102. Are you sensitive to electromagnetic fields? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
103. Do you often use peripheral vision? (Aspie-score correlation: .43)
104. Do you believe in ghosts and / or supernatural phenomens? (Aspie-score correlation: .16)
105. Do you often get depressed during winter-time (SAD)? (Aspie-score correlation: .29)
106. Do you often have thoughts of committing suicide? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
107. Were you clumsy as a child? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
108. Did you learn to crawl as a baby? (Aspie-score correlation: -.06)
109. Did you have speech difficulties as a child?' (Aspie-score correlation: .33)
110. Do you have a history of bed-wetting past 5 years of age? (Aspie-score correlation: .19)
111. Did you perceive practical classes like handi-work or gymnasics as hard in school? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
112. Do you feel much younger inside than your biological age? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
113. Do you find it hard to tell the age of people? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
83. In conversations, do you have trouble with things like timing and reciprocity? (Aspie-score correlation: .74)
88. Do you have difficulties interpreting body language and/or facial expressions and figuring out what people feel and want, unless they tell you? (Aspie-score correlation: .71)
89. Do you have problems recognizing faces out of their usual context (e.g. your doctor at the supermarket without his white robe)? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)
90. Do you find it easier to understand & communicate with computers, animals and/or Aspies than with 'ordinary' people? (Aspie-score correlation: .78)
43. Do you have an odd posture, gait and/or difficulties sitting/standing erect? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
114. Do you perceive moving legs as a signal of nervousness? (Aspie-score correlation: .16)
115. Do people sometimes think you are smiling at the wrong occasion? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
18. Do you have a monotonous voice and/or difficulty adjusting volume and speed when you talk? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
3. Do you get confused by verbal instructions - especially several at the same time? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
116. Do you sometimes say "we" instead of "I"? (Aspie-score correlation: .36)
117. Do you mostly talk when you have something concrete to say? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
118. Do you find it difficult to read written material unless it is very interesting or very easy? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
119. Do you sometimes flip letters? (Aspie-score correlation: .38)
77. Do you more easily get very upset over 'minor' things (e.g. losing your favourite pen) than over which others get upset about (e.g. a relative passing away)? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
120. Do you sometimes get very emotional about simple objects? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
121. Do you find it easy to describe your feelings and emotions to others? (Aspie-score correlation: -.34)
122. Are you sometimes very calm in situations that others find stressful? (Aspie-score correlation: .27)
123. Do you expect other people to know your thoughts, experiences and opinions? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
70. Do you dislike or have difficulty with team sports and other group endeavours? (Aspie-score correlation: .69)
82. Are you usually unaware of social rules & boundaries unless they are specifically spelled out? (Aspie-score correlation: .70)
98. Do you find social chitchat difficult, tiresome and/or a waste of time? (Aspie-score correlation: .65)
124. Do you enjoy meeting new people every day? (Aspie-score correlation: -.48)
125. Do you enjoy being in a big crowd, such as a football game? (Aspie-score correlation: -.45)
126. Have you had the feeling of playing a game to pretend to be like people around you? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
127. Do you find it natural to keep track of whom owes whom favours? (Aspie-score correlation: .00)
128. Do you know when you are expected to offer an apology? (Aspie-score correlation: -.52)
129. Do you have difficulty summarizing and reporting conversations or describing events? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
130. Do others often misunderstand you? (Aspie-score correlation: .73)
91. Do you have more difficulties than others of the same age when it comes to making friendships and getting into relationships? (Aspie-score correlation: .69)
131. Is it hard for you to break up from a relationship? (Aspie-score correlation: .27)
132. Can you often appreciate people without putting demands on them? (Aspie-score correlation: -.01)
133. Do you have an alternative view of what is attractive in the opposite sex compared to most others? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
134. Do you find the usual courting behavior natural? (Aspie-score correlation: -.61)
135. Do you find it natural that males take initiatives to start a romantic relationship? (Aspie-score correlation: -.28)
136. Are you homosexual or bisexual? (Aspie-score correlation: .21)
137. Do you feel like you were born with the wrong gender? (Aspie-score correlation: .31)
138. Do you have an interest in or have practised BD/SM? (Aspie-score correlation: .21)
139. Are you asexual? (Aspie-score correlation: .31)
23. Do you have unconventional, often unique ways of solving problems? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
140. Is you imagination unusual, with unique ideas that others don't have? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
141. Do you like to work out how things work? (Aspie-score correlation: .36)
142. If you work on more than one project at a time do you seldom finish them? (Aspie-score correlation: .43)
143. Are you easily distracted and/or bored? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
144. Are you impatient and have low frustration tolerance? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
145. Do you have irregular eating habits that are adapted to what you are doing right now? (Aspie-score correlation: .43)
37. Do you prefer to wear the same clothes and/or eat the same food every day? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
40. Does it cause chaos in your body or mind if your plans, environment or daily routines suddenly get changed, or if an activity that is important to you gets interrupted? (Aspie-score correlation: .71)
10. Are you punctual, conscientious and perfectionist? (Aspie-score correlation: .31)
92. Are you so honest and sincere yourself that you assume everyone is, and therefore easily miss dishonesty and hidden agendas? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
73. Do you dislike shaking hands? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
100. Do you have values & views that are either very old-fashioned or way ahead of their time? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
146. Do you have an interest for fashions? (Aspie-score correlation: -.29)
147. Do you enjoy the status of a new car/new stereo/new TV? (Aspie-score correlation: -.21)
148. Do you more often get things because you need them than because others have them? (Aspie-score correlation: .25)
149. Do your friends mean more to you than hobbies and interests? (Aspie-score correlation: -.52)
150. Is your style and image very important to you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.26)
151. Is your sense of humor different from mainstream and / or considered odd? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
152. Are you very interested in environmental issues? (Aspie-score correlation: .25)
153. Do you enjoy gossip? (Aspie-score correlation: -.34)
154. Have you had an urge to try drugs or illegal substances? (Aspie-score correlation: .11)
155. Do you find the norms of hygiene too strict? (Aspie-score correlation: .41)
156. Do you think others should have the same friends and enemies as yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: .32)
157. Do you prefer to go bare footed over using footwear? (Aspie-score correlation: .20)
158. Did you prefer to sleep in your parents bed rather than in your own room as a child? (Aspie-score correlation: .10)
159. Do you have an intense dislike for the military? (Aspie-score correlation: .30)
160. Do you feel an urge to peel flakes off yourself and / or others? (Aspie-score correlation: .42)
161. Do you like to collect items to make a set? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
162. Do you prefer romance/drama films to science fiction/documentary films? (Aspie-score correlation: -.26)
163. Do you frequently misplace things? (Aspie-score correlation: .36)
164. Do you often find reasons to question authorities? (Aspie-score correlation: .41)
165. Do you find it easy to organize your daily life? (Aspie-score correlation: -.41)
166. Do you appreciate to be in charge of other people? (Aspie-score correlation: -.24)
167. Do you have difficulty accepting criticism, correction, and direction? (Aspie-score correlation: .52)
168. Do you have money management difficulties? (Aspie-score correlation: .30)
169. Do you have fair skin that burn easy? (Aspie-score correlation: .15)
170. Do you have freckles? (Aspie-score correlation: .07)
171. Are you flat-footed? (Aspie-score correlation: .16)
172. Do you have crooked teeth or underbite? (Aspie-score correlation: .26)