Between question correlations

53. Do you notice small sounds that others don't, and feel pained by loud or irritating noise? (Aspie-score correlation: .65)
58. Do you feel strongly attracted to, or appalled by, certain tastes, smells, sounds, colours, shapes, textures or materials? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
178. Do you squint now or have done in the past? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
55. Do certain phrases, tunes or rhythms tend to stick and repeat themselves in your head? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
61. Are you irritated by clothes tags, clothes that are too tight in certain places or are made in the 'wrong' textures/material? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
60. Are you over-or under-sensitive to heat, cold, wind, humidity etc? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)
57. Do you have a very acute sense of smell and/or taste? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
230. Do you blink or roll your eyes? (Aspie-score correlation: .43)
102. Are you sensitive to electromagnetic fields? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
234. Do you stammer when stressed? (Aspie-score correlation: .49)
203. Do you see yourself as sensitive? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
56. Are you bothered by fluorescent light? (Aspie-score correlation: .49)
232. Do you sniff involuntary? (Aspie-score correlation: .41)
63. If you have to be touched, do you prefer it to be firmly rather than lightly? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
48. Are you hypo- or hypersensitive to physical pain, or even enjoy some types of pain? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
103. Do you often use peripheral vision? (Aspie-score correlation: .37)
205. Do you have a tendency to drop things? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
207. Do you have difficulty with throwing or catching a ball? (Aspie-score correlation: .52)
214. Are you the last one to finish manual tasks? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
46. Do you have difficulties judging distances, height, depth or speed? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
204. Do you have difficulty hopping, skipping or riding a bike? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
213. Are you often injured? (Aspie-score correlation: .42)
83. In conversations, do you have trouble with things like timing and reciprocity? (Aspie-score correlation: .75)
285. Can you read between the lines? (Aspie-score correlation: -.56)
262. Do you have an intuitive sense of when to do the right thing socially? (Aspie-score correlation: -.64)
224. Do you read people well? (Aspie-score correlation: -.55)
82. Are you usually unaware of social rules & boundaries unless they are specifically spelled out? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
130. Do others often misunderstand you? (Aspie-score correlation: .73)
278. Do you forget you are in a social situation when something gets your attention? (Aspie-score correlation: .68)
215. Is it easy for you to interpret body language? (Aspie-score correlation: -.58)
286. Can you spot hidden agendas with ease? (Aspie-score correlation: -.53)
226. Are you often surprised what people's motives are? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
18. Do you have a monotonous voice and/or difficulty adjusting volume and speed when you talk? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
86. Do you tend to interpret things literally and/or reply to rhetorical questions? (Aspie-score correlation: .69)
54. Do you have problems distinguishing voices from background noise, or from other voices? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
227. Have you taken initiative only to find out it was not wanted? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
129. Do you have difficulty summarizing and reporting conversations or describing events? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
225. Are you intuitive about what people need from you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.49)
84. Do you have difficulties judging unseen limits and other people's personal space unless clearly instructed? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
221. Do you understand figures of speech, parodies, allegories, irony etc with ease? (Aspie-score correlation: -.41)
220. Do you sense the boundaries of others without being told? (Aspie-score correlation: -.51)
23. Do you have unconventional, often unique ways of solving problems? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
26. Do you tend to get so absorbed in your projects that you forget everything else (e.g. eating, sleeping, taking a shower, other people)? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
22. Do you love to collect and organize things, make lists & diagrams etc? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
20. Do you focus on one interest at a time and become an expert on that subject? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
5. Do you take an interest in, and remember, details that others do not seem to notice? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
238. Do you have one special talent which you have emphasised and worked on? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
140. Is you imagination unusual, with unique ideas that others don't have? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
19. Are you very gifted in one or more areas? (Aspie-score correlation: .41)
8. Are you fascinated by dates and/or numbers? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
37. Do you prefer to wear the same clothes and/or eat the same food every day? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
40. Does it cause chaos in your body or mind if your plans, environment or daily routines suddenly get changed, or if an activity that is important to you gets interrupted? (Aspie-score correlation: .71)
28. Do you feel stress, panic or have a brain malfunction in unfamiliar or demanding situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .68)
251. Do you see the value in owning one of a kind? (Aspie-score correlation: .37)
38. Do you need to sit on your favourite seat, go the same route or shop in the same shop every time? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
35. Do you have a need for comfort items like blankets, stuffed animals etc? (Aspie-score correlation: .49)
249. Before doing something or going somewhere, do you need to have a picture in your mind of what's going to happen so as to be able to prepare yourself mentally first? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
36. Do you have certain simple & logical routines which you need to follow? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
255. Do you find yourself at ease in romantic situations? (Aspie-score correlation: -.62)
343. Do you feel awkward in romantic situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .65)
281. Do you find preferable/easier to understand & communicate with computers, animals or unusual people? (Aspie-score correlation: .76)
91. Do you have difficulty compared to others your age in developing relationships and friendships? (Aspie-score correlation: .69)
66. Do you get exceedingly tired after socializing, and need to regenerate alone? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
279. Can you keep a healthy balance between what you need to do and treating your associates/guests with due attention? (Aspie-score correlation: -.56)
268. Does an unplanned hug make you jump out of your skin? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
256. Are you energised by being in the company of others? (Aspie-score correlation: -.53)
269. Have you felt different from others for most of your life? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
283. Do you enjoy team sport and group endeavours? (Aspie-score correlation: -.51)
291. Are you good at party games? (Aspie-score correlation: -.50)
98. Do you find social chitchat difficult, tiresome and/or a waste of time? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
93. Have you been bullied, abused or taken advantage of in various situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
71. Do you mostly prefer to play/work/do things on your own - unsupervised? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
75. Do you easily get frustrated and upset when you are stressed, tired, hungry, interrupted, questioned, over-stimulated, or when things don't go as you had anticipated? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
149. Do your friends mean more to you than hobbies and interests? (Aspie-score correlation: -.49)
78. Do you sometimes not feel anything at all, even though other people expect you to? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
146. Do you have an interest for fashions? (Aspie-score correlation: -.30)
150. Is your style and image important to you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.23)
153. Do you enjoy gossip? (Aspie-score correlation: -.32)
345. Do you talk to put others at ease even when you really have nothing to say? (Aspie-score correlation: -.24)
257. Do you spend more time getting to know others than yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: -.18)
184. Is creating a social identity important for you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.34)
181. Is other people's image of you important to you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.23)
118. Do you find it difficult to read written material unless it is very interesting or very easy? (Aspie-score correlation: .43)
50. Do you have poor concept of time? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)
319. Do you find it difficult to taking notes in lectures? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
310. Do you have trouble reading clocks? (Aspie-score correlation: .33)
298. Do you have things so well in hand that you've anticipate what will be asked for? (Aspie-score correlation: -.15)
313. Do you fail to carry a number through to the next part of the calculation? (Aspie-score correlation: .34)
318. Do you often make spelling errors? (Aspie-score correlation: .22)
294. Do you often forget were you put things? (Aspie-score correlation: .34)
341. Can you easily remember sequences of past events? (Aspie-score correlation: -.12)
321. Do you enjoy reading? (Aspie-score correlation: .05)
315. Do you have difficulty remembering scores during games? (Aspie-score correlation: .32)
316. Do you find it hard to recognise phone numbers when said in a different way? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
314. Do you find it difficult to calculate change received from a purchase? (Aspie-score correlation: .28)
312. Do find it easy to remember math formulas? (Aspie-score correlation: .00)
317. Are you a slow reader? (Aspie-score correlation: .19)
342. Do you find it easy to sequence ideas in writing? (Aspie-score correlation: -.17)
3. Do you find instructions confusing - - especially several at the same time? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
201. Do you dislike touch? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
303. Are you easily distracted or overwhelmed? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
128. Do you know when you are expected to offer an apology? (Aspie-score correlation: -.58)
330. Do you look, feel or act younger than your biological age? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
94. Do you get surprised and disappointed when people are unfriendly and don't seem to understand or accept you as you are? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
4. Do you need to see, touch or do things yourself in order to remember them? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
240. Do you find it very hard to learn things that you are not interested in? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
16. Do you sometimes mix up pronouns and, for example, say "you" or "we" when you mean "me" or vice versa? (Aspie-score correlation: .43)
289. Do you get a firm feel for the big picture, before noticing details? (Aspie-score correlation: -.35)
301. Do you often work through lunch or breaks to fix mistakes and get things done on time? (Aspie-score correlation: .40)
241. Do you prefer being told the bottom line rather than having to find your own way there? (Aspie-score correlation: .31)
160. Do you feel an urge to peel skin-flakes off yourself and /or others? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
250. Are you gracious about criticism, correction and direction? (Aspie-score correlation: -.44)
358. Nonverbal IQ (Aspie-score correlation: -.05)