Between question correlations

446. Do you have a small mouth? (Aspie-score correlation: .25)
382. Do you have odd teeth; e.g. teeth that are crooked or bigger than usual; gaps; overlaps; underbite etc.? (Aspie-score correlation: .29)
171. Are you flat-footed? (Aspie-score correlation: .19)
193. Do you have loose joints that have dislocated? (Aspie-score correlation: .24)
195. Are you shorter than what is normal for your gender? (Aspie-score correlation: .13)
334. Do you have eczema? (Aspie-score correlation: .19)
460. Do you have a strong grip? (Aspie-score correlation: .04)
461. Are your ears lower set than normal? (Aspie-score correlation: .22)
462. Do your ears stick out? (Aspie-score correlation: .19)
207. Do you have difficulty throwing or catching a ball? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
205. Do you have a tendency to drop things? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
46. Do you have difficulties judging distances, height, depth or speed? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
44. Do you have difficulties with fine motor skills and/or hand-eye co-ordination? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
209. Did you enjoy classes like handi-work or gymnasics in school? (Aspie-score correlation: -.35)
463. Do you have difficulty riding a bike? (Aspie-score correlation: .30)
213. Are you accident prone? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
431. Do you have a good sense for how much pressure to apply when you do someting with your hands? (Aspie-score correlation: -.35)
411. Can you whistle? (Aspie-score correlation: -.18)
428. Are you good at climbing? (Aspie-score correlation: -.14)
53. Do you notice small sounds that others don't, and feel pained by loud or irritating noise? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
178. Do you squint now or have done in the past? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
390. Do you have a very acute sense of taste? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
60. Are you sensitive to heat, cold, wind and/or changes in air-pressure, humidity etc? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)
203. Do you see yourself as sensitive? (Aspie-score correlation: .42)
389. Do you have a very acute sense of smell? (Aspie-score correlation: .38)
102. Are you sensitive to electromagnetic fields? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
56. Do you feel uncomfortable in fluorescent light? (Aspie-score correlation: .49)
63. If you have to be touched, do you prefer it to be firmly rather than lightly? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
103. Do you often use peripheral vision? (Aspie-score correlation: .34)
464. Are you insensitive to physical pain, or even enjoy some types of pain? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
23. Do you have unconventional, often unique ways of solving problems? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
20. Do you focus on one interest at a time and become an expert on that subject? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
140. Is you imagination unusual, with unique ideas that others don't have? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
238. Do you have one special talent which you have emphasised and worked on? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
5. Do you take an interest in, and remember, details that others do not seem to notice? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
19. Are you very gifted in one or more areas? (Aspie-score correlation: .40)
13. Do you have excellent vocabulary and/or a fascination with words? (Aspie-score correlation: .27)
141. Do you like to figure out how things work? (Aspie-score correlation: .35)
12. Do you have excellent long-term memory in subjects that interest you? (Aspie-score correlation: .36)
319. Do you find it difficult to take notes in lectures? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
118. Do you find it difficult to read written material unless it is very interesting or very easy? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
310. Do you have trouble reading clocks? (Aspie-score correlation: .35)
294. Do you forget where you put things? (Aspie-score correlation: .38)
328. Do you instinctively know what time it is when someone asks you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.06)
318. Do you often make spelling errors? (Aspie-score correlation: .23)
315. Do you have difficulty remembering scores during games? (Aspie-score correlation: .36)
296. Are you good at remembering birthdays? (Aspie-score correlation: -.11)
341. Can you easily remember sequences of past events? (Aspie-score correlation: -.08)
281. Do you find preferable/easier to understand & communicate with computers, animals or unusual people? (Aspie-score correlation: .77)
255. Do you find yourself at ease in romantic situations? (Aspie-score correlation: -.58)
91. Do you have more difficulties than others of the same age when it comes to making friendships and getting into relationships? (Aspie-score correlation: .70)
269. Have you felt different from others for most of your life? (Aspie-score correlation: .65)
370. Are you the life of a party? (Aspie-score correlation: -.43)
291. Are you good at party games? (Aspie-score correlation: -.50)
81. Do you tend to feel nervous, shy, confused and/or like you don't fit in, in various social situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
66. Do you get exceedingly tired after socializing, and need to regenerate alone? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
134. Do you find the usual courting behavior natural? (Aspie-score correlation: -.55)
68. Are you fairly self-absorbed, more interested in yourself than in others and/or an objective observer of yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
268. Do you dislike being hugged when you haven't asked for it? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
365. Do you find it easier to communicate online than in real life? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
454. Do you prefer to do things on your own even if you could use others work or expertice? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
151. Is your sense of humor different from mainstream and / or considered odd? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
78. Do you sometimes not feel anything at all, even though other people expect you to? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
398. Do you dislike eye-contact? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
98. Do you find social chitchat difficult, tiresome or a waste of time? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
283. Do you enjoy team sport and group endeavours? (Aspie-score correlation: -.49)
256. Are you energised by being in the company of others? (Aspie-score correlation: -.50)
97. Are you usually unaware of/disinterested in what is currently in vogue? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
368. Do you find it easy to maintain your social network? (Aspie-score correlation: -.54)
258. Are you comfortable in social situations and with new people? (Aspie-score correlation: -.54)
72. Do you have problems with eye-contact? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
366. Do you feel uncomfortable with strangers? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
288. Are your dreams and fantasies much like those of others? (Aspie-score correlation: -.56)
235. Do you prefer to know a little about many things rather than becoming a specialist in one or a few areas? (Aspie-score correlation: -.37)
367. Is a large social network important for you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.41)
434. Is climing the social hierarchy important to you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.29)
184. Is creating a social identity important for you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.31)
166. Do you like to be in charge of other people? (Aspie-score correlation: -.25)
153. Do you enjoy listening to gossip? (Aspie-score correlation: -.33)
180. Do you have an interest for the current fashions? (Aspie-score correlation: -.35)
150. Is your style and image important to you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.25)
135. Do you find it natural that males take initiatives to start a romantic relationship? (Aspie-score correlation: -.26)
181. Is other people's image of you important to you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.21)
147. Do you enjoy the status of a new car/new stereo/new TV? (Aspie-score correlation: -.17)
127. Do you find it natural to keep track of whom owes whom favours? (Aspie-score correlation: .01)
396. Do you enjoy wearing jewelry? (Aspie-score correlation: -.22)
465. Do you roll your eyes when frustrated? (Aspie-score correlation: .21)
403. Have you been accused of staring? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
401. Do you talk to yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
400. Do you sniff? (Aspie-score correlation: .42)
402. In conversations, do you use small sounds that others don't seem to use? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
444. Do your hands shake? (Aspie-score correlation: .40)
406. Do you rock your body? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
438. Do you have an urge to climb? (Aspie-score correlation: .33)
422. Do you click or rub a pen for the fun of it? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
452. Do you examine the hair of people you like a lot? (Aspie-score correlation: .37)
404. Do you bounce your leg? (Aspie-score correlation: .43)
439. Do you have an urge to jump over objects? (Aspie-score correlation: .33)
83. In conversations, do you have trouble with things like timing and reciprocity? (Aspie-score correlation: .75)
226. Are you often surprised when you find out what people's true motives are? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
262. Do you have an intuitive sense for what is the right thing to do socially? (Aspie-score correlation: -.62)
86. Do you tend to interpret things literally and/or reply to rhetorical questions? (Aspie-score correlation: .68)
285. Can you read between the lines? (Aspie-score correlation: -.54)
224. Do you read people well? (Aspie-score correlation: -.54)
215. Is it easy for you to interpret body language? (Aspie-score correlation: -.58)
18. Do you have a monotonous voice and/or difficulty adjusting volume and speed when you talk? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
54. Do you have problems distinguishing voices from background noise, or from other voices? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
43. Do you have an odd posture, gait and/or difficulties sitting/standing erect? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
286. Can you spot hidden agendas with ease? (Aspie-score correlation: -.47)
128. Do you know when you are expected to offer an apology? (Aspie-score correlation: -.57)
360. Does it cause chaos in your body or mind if your plans, environment or daily routines suddenly get changed? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
361. Do you become frustrated if an activity that is important to you gets interrupted? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
37. Do you prefer to wear the same clothes and/or eat the same food every day? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
25. Does it feel vitally important to be left undisturbed to persue your special interests? (Aspie-score correlation: .69)
38. Do you need to sit on your favourite seat, go the same route or shop in the same shop every time? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
22. Do you love to collect and organize things, make lists & diagrams etc? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
39. Do you have strong attachments to certain objects? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
36. Do you have certain simple & logical routines which you need to follow? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
436. Do you have a need for symmetry, order and/or precision? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
137. Do you feel like you were born with the wrong gender? (Aspie-score correlation: .29)
381. Do you have unusual sexual preferences? (Aspie-score correlation: .29)
136. Are you homosexual or bisexual? (Aspie-score correlation: .21)
138. Do you have an interest in or have practised BD/SM? (Aspie-score correlation: .19)
443. Do you tend to shut down or have a meltdown when stressed or overwhelmed? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
303. Are you easily distracted or overwhelmed? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
130. Do others often misunderstand you? (Aspie-score correlation: .74)
100. Do you have values & views that are either very old-fashioned or way ahead of their time? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
3. Do you get confused by verbal instructions - especially several at the same time? (Aspie-score correlation: .68)
330. Do you look, feel or act younger than your biological age? (Aspie-score correlation: .43)
133. Do you have an alternative view of what is attractive in the opposite sex compared to most others? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
240. Do you find it hard to learn things you are not interested in? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)
160. Do you feel an urge to peel flakes off yourself and / or others? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
16. Do you sometimes mix up pronouns and, for example, say "you" or "we" when you mean "me" or vice versa? (Aspie-score correlation: .41)
362. Have you experienced stronger than normal attachments to certain people? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
448. Do you have a fascination for slowly flowing water? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
466. Do you rehearse inside your head? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)
467. Are you afraid of heights? (Aspie-score correlation: .25)
468. Do you like to dig holes in the ground? (Aspie-score correlation: .36)
469. Do you like to eat liver? (Aspie-score correlation: .04)
470. Do you like to eat seafood? (Aspie-score correlation: -.09)
471. Do you enjoy travel? (Aspie-score correlation: -.31)
472. Do you feel empathy for people once you understand their feelings? (Aspie-score correlation: -.29)
473. Is it harder for you than for others to get over a failed relationship? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
474. Do you refuse to give up on a relationship or potential relationship that others would not bother with? (Aspie-score correlation: .40)
475. Do you get tears in your eyes when excited? (Aspie-score correlation: .22)
476. Do you have good intuition about how things work? (Aspie-score correlation: -.01)
477. Do you have psychic abilities? (Aspie-score correlation: .18)
478. Do you like tongue-kissing? (Aspie-score correlation: -.30)
479. Do you enjoy to snuggle a long time with certain familiar people? (Aspie-score correlation: -.19)
480. Do you use to have diarrhea? (Aspie-score correlation: .29)
457. Red hair-color (Aspie-score correlation: .06)
192. Do you have brown eyes? (Aspie-score correlation: .07)
540. Born in autumn (Aspie-score correlation: .04)