Between question correlations

269. Have you felt different from others for most of your life? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
112. Do you feel much younger inside than your biological age? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
67. Are you more of an observer than one who participates in life? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
91. Have you had more difficulties than others of the same age when it comes to making friends or getting into relationships? (Aspie-score correlation: .69)
34. Do you prefer to only meet people you know, one-on-one, or in small, familiar groups? (Aspie-score correlation: .49)
33. Do you prefer the company of those older or youger than yourself to that of your peers? (Aspie-score correlation: .52)
71. Do you mostly prefer playing/working/doing things on your own - in your own way and at your own pace? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)
66. Do you get very tired after socializing, and need to regenerate alone? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
378. Do you dislike it when people drop by to visit you uninvited? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
93. Have you been bullied, abused or taken advantage of in various situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
81. Do you tend to feel nervous, shy, confused or left out in various social situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
487. Do you find it difficult to figure out how to behave in various situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .69)
488. Do you tend to say or do things that are considered socially inappropriate? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
489. Have you had difficulties fitting into expected gender stereotypes, perhaps having interests and behaviors that are atypical for your gender? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
367. Is a large social network important to you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.39)
149. Do your friends mean more to you than hobbies and interests? (Aspie-score correlation: -.46)
258. Are you comfortable in social situations and with new people? (Aspie-score correlation: -.53)
283. Do you enjoy team sport and group endeavours? (Aspie-score correlation: -.49)
490. Is your image and social identity a priority to you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.28)
225. Are you intuitive about what people need from you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.49)
262. Do you have a good sense for what is the right thing to do socially? (Aspie-score correlation: -.62)
491. Can you easily remember people's names when you meet new people? (Aspie-score correlation: -.19)
14. Is it difficult or tiresome for you to talk? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
18. Do you have a monotonous voice and/or difficulty adjusting volume and speed when you talk? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
234. Do you stutter when stressed? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
83. In conversations, do you have trouble with things like timing and reciprocity? (Aspie-score correlation: .73)
365. Do you find it easier to communicate online than in real life? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
492. If asked to describe yourself, would you do so in a detached way, as if you were describing someone else? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
493. Do you tend to be more blunt and straightforward than others? (Aspie-score correlation: .49)
98. Do you find social chitchat difficult, tiresome and/or a waste of time? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
88. Do you have difficulties interpreting body language and/or facial expressions and figuring out what people feel and want, unless they tell you? (Aspie-score correlation: .72)
494. Do you have problems with eye-contact (e.g. preferring to avoid it or staring 'too much')? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
285. Can you 'read between the lines'? (Aspie-score correlation: -.53)
495. Do you find it easy to describe your feelings? (Aspie-score correlation: -.49)
128. Do you know when you are expected to offer an apology? (Aspie-score correlation: -.57)
345. Do you talk to put others at ease even if you don't have anything special to convey? (Aspie-score correlation: -.27)
218. Are you good at small talk? (Aspie-score correlation: -.46)
42. Do you look younger than your biological age?? (Aspie-score correlation: .30)
496. Were you precocious as a child? (Aspie-score correlation: .36)
497. Was your play more directed towards sorting, building or taking things apart than towards social games with other kids? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
498. Are you naturally nocturnal, i.e. do you tend to be most alert at night? (Aspie-score correlation: .27)
155. Do you find the norms of hygiene too strict? (Aspie-score correlation: .43)
151. Is your sense of humor different from mainstream or considered odd? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
69. Do you find yourself more attracted to things, ideas, music, computers, animals, buildings or vehicles than to people and social exchange? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
19. Are you very gifted in one or more areas? (Aspie-score correlation: .40)
23. Do you have unconventional, often unique ways of solving problems? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
20. Do you hyperfocus on one interest at a time and become an expert on that subject? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
5. Do you take an interest in, and remember, details that others do not seem to notice? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
13. Do you have excellent vocabulary and/or a fascination with words? (Aspie-score correlation: .28)
419. Did you learn to read on your own before you were taught in school? (Aspie-score correlation: .16)
8. Are you fascinated by dates and/or numbers? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
141. Do you enjoy figuring out how things work? (Aspie-score correlation: .35)
10. Are you punctual, conscientious and a perfectionist? (Aspie-score correlation: .31)
22. Do you love to collect and organize things, make lists & diagrams etc? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
499. Have you been called a 'know-it-all' because you feel compelled to correct people with accurate facts? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
99. Do you have strong sense of ethics and a tendency to stand up for your ideals & beliefs even if it means social or economical disadvantages? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
26. Do you tend to get so absorbed by your special interests that you forget everything else? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
27. Do you find it hard to multi-task or shift your attention rapidly from one thing to another and therefore need to finish one task before turning to the next? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
36. Do you have certain routines which you need to follow? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
360. Does it cause chaos in you if your plans, environment or daily routines suddenly get changed? (Aspie-score correlation: .65)
436. Do you have a need for symmetry, order and/or precision? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
39. Do you have strong attachments to certain objects? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
38. Do you need to sit on your favourite seat, go the same route or shop in the same shop every time? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
37. Do you prefer to wear the same clothes and/or eat the same food every day? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
500. Before doing something or going somewhere, do you need to visualize the place you're going to or rehearse possible scenarios in your mind so as to prepare yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
28. Do you feel stress, panic or have a brain malfunction in unfamiliar or demanding situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .68)
35. Do you sometimes have a need for comfort items like a blanket, stuffed animals etc? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
501. Do you self-harm, or have you done so in the past? (Aspie-score correlation: .37)
65. Are you easily overexcited, stressed and overwhelmed by things like noise, crowds, clutter, patterns, flicker and movement? (Aspie-score correlation: .71)
502. Do you have extra sensitive hearing? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
54. Do you have difficulties filtering out background noises when talking to someone? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
55. Do recently heard phrases, tunes or rhythms tend to stick and repeat themselves in your head? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
390. Do you have a very acute sense of taste? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
59. Do you have to be particular about what you eat and/or how it is combined on the plate in order to be able to eat? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
389. Do you have a very acute sense of smell? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
503. Are your eyes extra sensitive to stong light and glare? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
504. Do you have poor night vision? (Aspie-score correlation: .37)
505. Do you have a well-developed sense of colour? (Aspie-score correlation: .12)
178. Do you have (or have you had) a problem with squinting? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
56. Do you feel uncomfortable in fluorescent light? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
506. Are you sensitive to weather changes? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
61. Do you feel tortured by clothes tags, clothes that are too tight or are made in the 'wrong' material? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
507. Do you dislike being touched or hugged unless you're prepared or have asked for it? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
63. If you have to be touched, do you prefer it to be firmly rather than lightly? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
464. Are you fairly insensitive to physical pain, or even enjoy some types of pain? (Aspie-score correlation: .42)
359. Do you have an odd posture or gait? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
508. Do you have poor balance, e.g. difficulty riding a bicycle, skating, standing on one leg? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
509. Do you have poor awareness or body control and a tendency to fall, stumble or bump into things? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
510. Do you have difficulties imitating & timing the movements of others, e.g. when learning new dance steps or in gym class? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
511. Do you have problems with ball sports? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
512. Do you have difficulties with two-handed tasks, e.g. eating with knife & fork, knitting, typing or playing an instrument? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
513. Do you have difficulties with activities requiring manual dexterity and precision, e.g drawing, sewing, tying shoe-laces, fastening buttons and handling small objects? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
416. Do you have difficulty writing by hand (dysgraphia)? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
514. Do you have a poor sense of how much pressure to apply when doing things with your hands and a tendency to drop, spill or break things by mistake? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
46. Do you have difficulties judging distances, height, depth or speed? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
50. Do you have poor concept of time? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
32. Do you have a tendency to be passive and not initiate things yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
31. Has it been harder for you to make it on your own, than it seems to be for most others of the same age? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
6. Do you tend to get so stuck on details that you miss the overall picture? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
87. Do you have a tendency to interpret things literally and difficulties understanding figures of speech, idioms, allegories etc? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
143. Are you easily distracted and/or bored? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
515. Do you find it hard to focus on or learn things you are not interested in? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
516. Are you somewhat of a daydreamer, often lost in your own thoughts? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
517. Do you tend to be hyperactive and restless? (Aspie-score correlation: .42)
518. Do you tend to be impatient and impulsive, e.g. having trouble waiting for your turn? (Aspie-score correlation: .52)
519. Do you have a hyperactive mind? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
520. Do have difficulties keeping things tidy ? (Aspie-score correlation: .36)
89. Do you have problems recognizing faces when you meet people out of their usual environment (prosopagnosia)? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
521. Do you enjoy snuggling with people you like? (Aspie-score correlation: -.30)
522. Do you find it easy to understand and sympathise with those who function very differently from yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: -.34)
523. Are you sometimes fearless in situations that can be dangerous? (Aspie-score correlation: .26)
524. Do you dislike shaking hands due to disliking the feel of skin-contact with others? (Aspie-score correlation: .49)
525. Do you dislike shaking hands due to germophobia? (Aspie-score correlation: .20)
526. Do you dislike shaking hands because handshakes feel unnatural? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
527. Do you dislike shaking hands for other reason? (Aspie-score correlation: .30)
401. Do you talk to yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
438. Do you have an urge to climb? (Aspie-score correlation: .32)
528. Do you do any of the following when you're thinking, restless or bored: pacing; bouncing leg or foot; tapping fingers, pen or other object; doodling; fiddling with object e.g clicking pen; chewing on something? (Aspie-score correlation: .35)
529. Do you do any of the following when you're happy: singing, humming or whistling to yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: .22)
530. Do you do any of the following when anxious: twisting hands or fingers; rubbing hands, arms or thighs; biting lip, cheek or tongue? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
531. Do you do any of the following when bored: cracking joints; picking skin or scabs; peeling skin flakes; picking nose; pulling hairs; biting nails or fingertips; pulling cuticle? (Aspie-score correlation: .41)
532. Do you do any of the following in order to calm yourself when excited, overwhelmed or overstimulated: rocking; flapping hands; tapping ears; pressing eyes? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
533. Do you do any of the following for fun: spin in circles; walk on toes; watch a spinning, blinking or glittering object? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
534. Do you clap your hands when excited? (Aspie-score correlation: .25)
535. Do you grind your teeth when stressed or anxious? (Aspie-score correlation: .40)
536. Do you clench your fists when angry? (Aspie-score correlation: .38)
537. Do you suck your thumb for comfort? (Aspie-score correlation: .11)
538. Do you wobble your hand slightly to indicate so-so? (Aspie-score correlation: .18)
539. Do you enjoy lying on the ground looking at the sky? (Aspie-score correlation: .28)
541. Are you good at sneaking up on people or animals? (Aspie-score correlation: .12)