Between question correlations

330. Do you look, feel or act younger than your biological age? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
690. Do you have a good sense of how much pressure to apply when doing things with your hands? (Aspie-score correlation: -.40)
691. Do you find it easy to imitate & time the movements of others, e.g. when learning new dance steps or in gym class? (Aspie-score correlation: -.38)
692. Do you seldom fall, stumble or bump into things? (Aspie-score correlation: -.04)
693. Can you easily judge distance, height, depth and speed? (Aspie-score correlation: -.36)
207. Do you have difficulties throwing and/or catching a ball? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
53. Do you notice small sounds that others don't, and feel pained by loud or irritating noise? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
61. Do you feel tortured by clothes tags, clothes that are too tight or are made in the 'wrong' material? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
503. Are your eyes extra sensitive to stong light and glare? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)
502. Do you have extra sensitive hearing? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
55. Do recently heard phrases, tunes or rhythms tend to stick and repeat themselves in your head? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
632. Are you affected negatively by high air humidity combined with hot weather? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
506. Are you sensitive to weather changes? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
385. Do you instinctively become frightened by the sound of a motor-bike? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
57. Do you have a very acute sense of smell and/or taste? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
634. Are you sensitive to dry air? (Aspie-score correlation: .41)
26. Do you tend to get so absorbed by your special interests that you forget or ignore everything else? (Aspie-score correlation: .67)
694. As a child, was your play more directed towards social games with other kids, than for example, sorting, building, investigating or taking things apart? (Aspie-score correlation: -.39)
100. Do you have values & views that are either very old-fashioned or way ahead of their time? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
591. Do you need to finish what you're doing before turning to another task or person? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
695. Do you notice patterns in things all the time? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
20. Do you focus on one interest at a time and become an expert on that subject? (Aspie-score correlation: .62)
519. Do you have a hyperactive mind? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
23. Do you have unconventional ways of solving problems? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
606. Do tend to do everything worth doing, more perfect than really needed? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
5. Do you take an interest in, and remember, details that others do not seem to notice? (Aspie-score correlation: .55)
599. Do you feel an urge to correct people with accurate facts, numbers, spelling, grammar etc., when they get something wrong? (Aspie-score correlation: .52)
164. Do you often find reasons to question authorities? (Aspie-score correlation: .42)
143. Are you easily distracted and/or bored? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
319. Do you find it difficult to take notes in lectures? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
316. Do you find it hard to recognise phone numbers when said in a different way? (Aspie-score correlation: .44)
487. Do you find it difficult to figure out how to behave in various situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .72)
70. Do you dislike or have difficulty with team sports and other group endeavours? (Aspie-score correlation: .68)
549. In conversations, do you need extra time to carefully think out your reply, so that there may be a pause before you answer? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
66. Do you get very tired after socializing, and need to regenerate alone? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
552. Do you prefer to avoid eye-contact? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
696. Is it easy for you to make friends? (Aspie-score correlation: -.58)
697. Don't you usually mind unexpected touch or an unexpected hug? (Aspie-score correlation: .25)
269. Have you felt different from others for most of your life? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
78. Do you sometimes not feel anything at all, even though other people expect you to? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
698. Do you feel excited in unfamiliar situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .16)
699. Do you prefer to eat different food every day? (Aspie-score correlation: -.28)
700. Do you prefer to change cloth every day? (Aspie-score correlation: -.28)
701. Do you prefer the company of those that are the same age as yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: -.34)
702. Are you good at social chitchat? (Aspie-score correlation: -.59)
31. Has it been harder for you to make it on your own, than it seems to be for most others of the same age? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
703. Do you prefer to use others' help or expertise instead of doing things on your own? (Aspie-score correlation: -.02)
704. Do you find it easier to communicate in real life than online? (Aspie-score correlation: -.49)
255. Do you find yourself at ease in romantic situations? (Aspie-score correlation: -.57)
545. Are you good at teamwork? (Aspie-score correlation: -.57)
363. Do you prefer animals to people? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
595. Do you find it disturbing or upsetting when others show up either later or sooner than agreed? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
366. Do you feel uncomfortable with strangers? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
34. Do you prefer to only meet people you know, one-on-one, or in small, familiar groups? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
705. Are you usually aware of/interested in what is currently in vogue? (Aspie-score correlation: -.27)
706. Do you enjoy when people drop by to visit you univited? (Aspie-score correlation: -.41)
256. Are you energised by being in the company of others? (Aspie-score correlation: -.50)
282. Are your views typical of your peer group? (Aspie-score correlation: -.47)
277. Have you felt kinship and belonging to others for most of your life? (Aspie-score correlation: -.48)
25. Does it feel vitally important to be left undisturbed when focusing on your special interests? (Aspie-score correlation: .70)
443. Do you tend to shut down or have a meltdown when stressed or overwhelmed? (Aspie-score correlation: .68)
707. Do you instinctively know when it is your turn to speak when talking on the phone? (Aspie-score correlation: -.59)
500. Before doing something or going somewhere, do you need to visualize the place you're going to or rehearse possible scenarios in your mind so as to prepare yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: .63)
397. Do you need to do things yourself in order to remember them? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
596. Do you get frustrated if you can't sit on your favorite seat? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
39. Do you have strong attachments to certain favorite objects? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
36. Do you have certain routines which you need to follow? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
551. Do you tend to say things that are considered socially inappropriate? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
126. Have you had the feeling of playing a game, pretending to be like people around you? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
133. Do you have an alternative view of what is attractive in the opposite sex? (Aspie-score correlation: .60)
433. Do you drop things when your attention is on other things? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
403. Have you been accused of staring? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
516. Are you somewhat of a daydreamer, often lost in your own thoughts? (Aspie-score correlation: .59)
616. Are you easily distracted? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
708. Do you naturally fit into the expected gender stereotypes? (Aspie-score correlation: -.48)
709. Do you have unusual eating and/or sleeping patterns? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
240. Do you find it very hard to learn things that you are not interested in? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)
623. Are you prone to getting depressions? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
592. Do you love to collect things? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
17. Do you use stock phrases or phrases borrowed from other situations or people? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
518. Do you tend to be impatient and/or impulsive? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
101. Do you have an unusual sensitivity to pain? (Aspie-score correlation: .47)
448. Do you have a fascination for slowly flowing water? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
473. Is it harder for you than for others to get over a failed relationship? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
234. Do you stutter when stressed? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
123. Do you expect other people to know your thoughts, experiences and opinions without you having to tell them? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
362. Have you experienced stronger than normal attachments to certain people? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
600. Do you find it hard to resist picking scabs or peeling skin flakes? (Aspie-score correlation: .45)
710. Does it come more natural to you to think in words than in pictures? (Aspie-score correlation: .06)
711. Do you eat almost anything? (Aspie-score correlation: -.18)
16. Do you sometimes mix up pronouns and, for example, say "you" or "we" when you mean "me" or vice versa? (Aspie-score correlation: .41)
523. Are you sometimes fearless in situations that can be dangerous? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
638. Do you like to relax and do absolutely nothing while pondering on things of interest? (Aspie-score correlation: .34)
637. Do you enjoy digging? (Aspie-score correlation: .35)
574. Do you bite your lip, cheek or tongue (e.g. when thinking, when anxious or nervous)? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
575. Do you wring your hands, rub your hands together or twirl your fingers? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
589. Do you tap your ears or press your eyes (e.g. when thinking, when stressed or distressed)? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
590. Do you rock back-&-forth or side-to-side (e.g. for comfort, to calm yourself, when excited or overstimulated)? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
402. In conversations, do you use small sounds that others don't seem to use? (Aspie-score correlation: .51)
582. Do you enjoy watching a spinning or blinking object? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
624. Do you tap your fingers or fiddle with something (e.g. when bored, restless or concentrating)? (Aspie-score correlation: .50)
572. Do you pace (e.g. when thinking or anxious)? (Aspie-score correlation: .48)
573. Do you grind teeth? (Aspie-score correlation: .41)
401. Do you talk to yourself? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
712. Do you make unusual facial expressions? (Aspie-score correlation: .56)
628. Do you repeatedly blink or have twitches in eyes or face? (Aspie-score correlation: .39)
399. Do you roll your eyes involuntary? (Aspie-score correlation: .32)
587. Do you bite yourself (e.g. when frustrated or upset)? (Aspie-score correlation: .38)
536. Do you clench your fists when angry? (Aspie-score correlation: .36)
588. Do you flap your hands (e.g. when excited or upset)? (Aspie-score correlation: .37)
713. Do people understand you? (Aspie-score correlation: -.60)
714. Are you good at interpreting facial expressions? (Aspie-score correlation: -.54)
83. In conversations, do you have trouble with things like timing and reciprocity? (Aspie-score correlation: .72)
278. Do you forget you are in a social situation when something gets your attention? (Aspie-score correlation: .69)
715. Can you easily remember verbal instructions? (Aspie-score correlation: -.52)
6. Do you tend to get so stuck on details that you miss the overall picture? (Aspie-score correlation: .66)
716. Is your sense of humor fairly conventional? (Aspie-score correlation: -.54)
115. Do people sometimes think you are smiling at the wrong occasion? (Aspie-score correlation: .64)
95. Is being honest so natural to you that you often don't notice - or care - if others may find your remarks inappropriate, hurtful or rude? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
262. Do you have a good sense for what is the right thing to do socially? (Aspie-score correlation: -.61)
547. Do you tend to talk either too softly or too loundly? (Aspie-score correlation: .61)
717. Do you intuitively sense boundraries and personal space of others? (Aspie-score correlation: -.38)
718. Are you sometimes afraid in safe situations? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
719. Do you find it easy to do more than one thing at the time? (Aspie-score correlation: -.36)
720. Do you find it easy to 'read between the lines' in a conversation? (Aspie-score correlation: -.51)
227. Have you taken initiative only to find out it was not wanted? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
359. Do you have an odd posture or gait? (Aspie-score correlation: .57)
721. Do you find it easy to describe & summarize for example events, conversations or something you've read? (Aspie-score correlation: -.35)
54. Do you have difficulties filtering out background noise when talking to someone? (Aspie-score correlation: .58)
722. Do you easily accept criticism, correction, and direction? (Aspie-score correlation: -.34)
723. Do you have a good sense of what time it is? (Aspie-score correlation: -.30)
724. Do you find it easy estimate the age of people? (Aspie-score correlation: -.40)
93. Have you been bullied, abused or taken advantage of? (Aspie-score correlation: .53)
613. Do you need lists and schedules in order to get things done? (Aspie-score correlation: .46)
725. Do you easily recognize faces? (Aspie-score correlation: -.36)
229. Do you have difficulties with pronunciation? (Aspie-score correlation: .40)
726. Can you easily keep track of several different people's conversations? (Aspie-score correlation: -.42)
119. Do you flip letters when you write? (Aspie-score correlation: .33)
287. Are you always aware of other things going on around you even when reading or otherwise occupied? (Aspie-score correlation: -.28)
727. Do you find it natural to wave when you meet people? (Aspie-score correlation: -.32)
728. Do you instinctively point to things of interest? (Aspie-score correlation: .09)
729. Do you instinctively cross your arms when you are in a closed state of mind? (Aspie-score correlation: .26)
730. Do you interpret a pat on somebody's head as patronizing? (Aspie-score correlation: .20)
731. Do you often don't know where to put your arms? (Aspie-score correlation: .54)