Study of matriarchal societies world-wide

In "THE DOMINANT SEX A Study in The Sociology of Sex Differentiation", the most remarkable thing, is the concentration to Europe, North Africa and Near East. There are also many tribes which got isolated very early, and consequently, wasn't affected by later migrations from Africa. Examples are American Indians, as well as several tribes in the Pacific's. None of references from Africa are documented on the web as possible candidates for women dominance. Several have indications of extreme male dominance.

In the text, the following people are mentioned:

Of Caucasian origin:

Lycia - Greece (moved from Crete)
Minoan - Crete
Lemnos - Greece
Orchomenos - Greece / Turkey
Minyae - Greece
Elis - Greece
Locris - Greece
Lesbos - Greece
Sparta - Greece
Lacedæmonians - Greece
Lydia - Turkey
Teutonic - Germany
Gaul - Central Europe
Garos - Spain
Cantabri - Basque
Celtae - British Isles
Lapp / Saami - Sweden
Mingrelians - Russia
Ancient Egypt - Egypt
Libya - Berbers
Sumerians - Persia

Acharnians - Greece
Phoenicians - Syria
Circassians - Arab
Hittites - Middle East
Pani-Kooch - Hindustan - India
Battas - India
Assam - India
Khonds - India
Nayars - India
Santals - India
Reddi - South India
Cingalese - Ceylon

The following are American Indian:

Chippewas - North American Indian
Iroquois - North American Indian
Natchez - North American Indian
Creeks - North American Indian
Winnebagos - North American Indian
Cascovins - American Indian
Otomacos - South America Indian
Fuegians - South American Indian

Here are some cold adapted populations:

Tlingits - Alaska
Eskimos - Greenland
Kamchadales - North East Asia

Here are some from the rest of Asia:

Chamorros - Polynesia
Sakai - Japan
Malay - Malaysia
Motu - Papua
Pelew - Island in the pacifics
Dyaks - Borneo
Linggans - East Asia

The African tribes mentioned need more thorough analysis:

Balonda - Congo river

Obviously from Livingstone. No reliable evidence of women dominance.


From Livingstone as well. A link indicated women weave.

Loango - West Africa

Terrible treatment of pubertal girls:


Bushmen women are the one's using ornaments:

No indication that women where hunters in their ancient hunter-gatherer societies.

The following tribes have no relevant information:

Andombis - Congo
Wabuna - Congo
Wateita - East Africa

[The dominant sex]